„Nothing is more steady than change itself.“
(Charles Darwin)

Companies must constantly adapt to changing conditions. Often, tax issues are less of a concern..

The focus is initially on business aspects such as:

  • Is it worth setting up another permanent establishment?
  • How can I finance the expansion of my company?
  • How can I find a suitable successor or partner?
  • How much is my company worth?

We have already accompanied many companies through these change processes and welcome the challenge.

Business planning

Certainly, every entrepreneur has an idea of where his company should go and where it should be in the near or distant future. This idea is expressed in figures in a business plan.
Banks in particular expect financial planning figures for business development over the next three to five years when financing a major investment project. After all, banks have to assess the ability of their clients to service their debts. Of course, this is also important for companies in crisis, because then the previous debt service may have to be negotiated.
As a rule, lenders also expect financial controlling to be carried out on an ongoing basis to check whether the plan has been achieved.
We have a great deal of experience in the preparation of planning calculations and can provide you with comprehensive support for all questions in this context.