About us

„Mutal trust is more important
than mutal understanding. 
Where understanding is not productive
may trust step in its place.“
(Franz Kafka)

People are at the centre of everything we do.
Even if everything revolves around numbers.  

We place great emphasis on advice and individual support. For us, the client is the centre of attention and for us this means your company, your employees and your family.  The same if you are coming to us as a private individual. Fulfilling your needs and wishes is our focus we will work out the parameters of our cooperation together.  These parameters can be adjusted over time if necessary but you get exactly what you need: solutions tailored to you and your needs. You can rely on that.

This commitment has a long tradition with us. The tax consultancy office at Annastrasse 50 in Darmstadt-Bessungen has been looking after and supporting clients since the 1950s.

And we are proud that we have built successful client relationships that have lasted years, some even stretching into decades. This has also meant we have developed a wide range of experience.

We do not however rest on our laurels. We are constantly working on our know-how and expertise. We regularly educate ourselves further. We keep up with the times and provide you with the latest digital solutions.