Digital accounting and digital payroll

With us, financial accounting and payroll accounting can be presented as a continuous digital process. This offers you considerable advantages:

  • Time savings: Fast digital processes ensure smooth data exchange. Incoming and outgoing invoices no longer have to be sent between client and office. Immediate provision of sales documents relevant to accounting (with the additional module DATEV Auftragswesen online).
  • Flexibility: You have access to the stored digital receipts and documents at any time and can define the type and scope of cooperation individually.
  • Transparency: The client and the law firm access the same database in DATEV Enterprise online, which is always up to date.
  • Security: Receipts, documents and evaluations are exchanged via the certified DATEV data centre – protected from unauthorised access.

Important: Digital documents and communication offer considerable advantages in the cooperation between advisor and client. However, they cannot and should not replace personal advice.

DATEV Unternehmen online: Meine Steuern einrichten und Belege hochladen

DATEV Unternehmen online: Lohndaten digital senden

DATEV Unternehmen online: Digitale Zusammenarbeit

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